Thank You and Happy Christmas

December 21st, 2013

Thank you to all the people who have supported my music over the last year, it means a lot to me. It has been a very fulfilling year musically and all the messages and comments I have received have been really inspiring. I hope you all have a good time over the holidays, whatever your circumstances.

Here is a track from Potential-Space, words by David Paton, ‘Let A Little Chaos In’ (but don’t go overboard). You can download either the mp3 or the wav on Soundcloud

PS If you look closely there is an angel in the wall

2 Responses to “Thank You and Happy Christmas”

  1. Bruce McLellan

    Dear Amy
    Happy Christmas!Don’t forget to look back, but don’t stare! Haha…You are my hero. Please, keep going! Thanks for the music…
    Much love

  2. Tomi

    Dear Amy
    Happy Christmas to you too! It’s been a good feeling watching you this year. A real inspiration!! Very best for next year.

    Yes, I see a sort of angel …
    love, tomi

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